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My parents started a carpet store when I was 5 or 6 years old.  They were afraid they wouldn’t be able to make it.  They had to do things and learn to do things to keep the store open and take care of 5 kids.

That example showed me that I too could do things to change lives and live in service.

When I was 12 they provided me with a horse.  It was a borrowed horse.  A friend of theirs had a horse but their kids had grown and no one was riding the horse so they graciously loaned it to me when I was 14.  I was so over the moon.

I didn’t have a fancy stable for this horse.  I didn’t have a saddle.  But I had a horse I could ride anytime I wanted to.

When I began riding with friends they told me I needed a saddle. They told me I needed to have shoes put on my horse.  I didn’t understand how my horse needed shoes, she had been fine all this time without them.  But I did what I thought was right.

After I was in college for a while my parents sold their house and moved my horse to a stable, with lots of other horses.  I wanted the best for my horse, so I asked for a stall.  Good horse owners put their horses in a stall, I believed.

Over time, my horse developed ulcers.  I didn’t know at the time that was what was wrong, but I have since learned that was exactly why he began to display odd behavior like flying back when cinched.

No one else at the stable knew that was the problem either.  People with many more years of experience in horses, and none of them helped me to learn this.  

Then there was another horse whom I had earned by training other horses.  I took her with me to Florida where I rode her and boarded her with other horses at a riding school.  She was used for lessons and kept in a stall.  She too didn’t get much turn-out time. 

She too developed ulcers.  Though I didn’t know that then either, even though I was more experienced and was also working with a veterinarian at the time.  No one had explained these things to me.  And some people just didn’t believe this was possible then.  It was the early 1990s.

Then I went to veterinary school. No one there discussed ulcers either.  Or how the environment in which people recommended keeping horses in stalls, with little turn out time and on grass affected these amazing creatures.

After I graduated from veterinary school, I learned more about the process of creating ulcers in horses and realized that I had done just that twice.

When we talk about solving problems for people, I realize there is a gap between what people know and trust now, and what they have yet to learn and understand.  More horse owners understand that horses can get ulcers.

But there is a gap still between what they know and what others are helping them understand.  The gap between understanding that horses can get ulcers, how wide ranging it is, and how broadly G.I. distress affects a horse can leave an owner feeling overwhelmed.

When the gap is too large between knowing that horses can get ulcers and understanding how to help horses resolve the issues, the horse can be in peril.

Owners fear expenses for their horses. Owners fear that they will never be able to stop treating their horses for ongoing metabolic issues and ulcers.  This is all true because the environment the horse owner puts their horse in is causing the issues.  It isn’t that horses are flawed.  The way we keep them does not connection to what makes them healthy and whole.

How can I make your horse chores easier and your horse’s health better?

Everyone is somewhere on this path of learning.  Even those who keep their horses in clean, beautiful stables. You are not alone in your learning experience.

Eous, Inc. has developed BOS-Equus because many horse owners are searching for a solution to the mysterious diseases that their beautiful animals have developed right before their own carefully planned actions.

At Eous, Inc we want horse care to become as routine as the rising of the sun.  We want to educate and empower horse owners, trainers, health care professionals with a means of letting your horse be a horse in spite of all the other amazing things you ask him to do and be.

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