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Premium Horse Feed

Horse feed, online company
Premium horse feed online

What is BOS Equus?

BOS-Equus has been designed for all ages and types of horses. It is designed to create a balanced diet between grass and hay (carbohydrates) and proteins and fats (seed meals).

Animals in the wild obtain much of their proteins and fats from seeds on the grasses they graze. BOS-Equus brings that same balance home to your horses.
BOS-Equus is not a grain or a pellet. That alone is a huge difference from traditional horse feeds. The ingredients in BOS-Equus come from almost 50 years of research, testing and clinical trials to create a food that works with the environment of your horse.

The seed meals used to create the base of the feed are
carefully chosen to not add poisons to your horse.

Premium horse feed online

What makes BOS Equus different? 

Canola, Rice Bran and Linseed Meal form the basis of BOS-Equus. The ratios are mixed to optimize omega fatty acids your horse needs for a healthy nervous system and immune function.

Isn’t Canola Meal Genetically Modified?
Don’t confuse Roundup Ready with hybrid plants. In the sense that a plant is genetically modified, plants that are RoundUp Ready will not die when sprayed with glyphosate, a toxic chelation agent used to bind calcium and other minerals.
Almost all of the corn, oats, soybeans found in the United States today are Round Up Ready. They have had genes from a bacteria implanted into their seeds so that they do not die when sprayed with this toxic weed killer. Canola chosen for BOS-Equus is not this type of plant. Canola is a hybrid, but it is not Roundup Ready.

BOS-Equus is designed to help your horse manage an environment that is filled with these toxins.

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At Eous we empower horse owners, trainers, and horse health professionals to solve complex health issues using simple solutions.  The power of nature's patterns makes equine health easy. With BOS Equus, our signature food, horses heal as they eat.


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Horse feed, online company

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